I lived for myself ,just like a robot. no one konws about me, no one understands me, even no one cares me, so terrible, isn't it, sure, I am a man who never expect,I know my born was a joke, They maby never be proud of me, even though I was the first, There is always a man catch their eyes, I am a oxygen, just it .and I never be satisfied at my life, my study, my friends, all of things about me, No one can be my hero, cause there is no one can save me, they all trying to kill me, no matter who they are, no matter what they want, Sometimes I think I am not a normal man, just like someone said I am a man whose heart full of darkness, But in my opinion, I am a freak,  can't make friends with others.I am lazy to konw someone who is just pass by my life, a long and long life, This life is boring, disgusting, even despair, I know there is no hope in my life. never.